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Peace within
To bring peace without, Love within
To bring love without, Voice within
To allow voice without, Vision within
To bring the future.
My future,
Your future,
Our future.
Shamanic Women's Groups
& Shamanic Healing

Part of my service is by taking Women through a right of passage into Womanhood with an on-going Shamanic women’s group. “Most of our society has forgotten the rituals which enable the passage of important times. This work enables the possibility of deepening our connection with the potency of being a woman, reconnecting with other women and the Earth”. There are also one day events to introduce women to some of the Native Americans rituals and ceremonies. I started working with the Shamanic path long ago when a Guide came to me from the Native tradition; these ways have enabled my deeper connection with the Earth. In these changing times this way of coming together is essential. They give us the possibility of being in deep connection with ourselves, our intuition (inner tutors) to enable our clear choices for our future.


Our group of up to 13, including myself will journey through the Autumn Equinox, towards Samhain (the Celtic festival of year-end and new beginnings), towards the Winter Solstice. We will weave our way through many pastures of the medicine work of the Native Americans and the Celts. We will create a potent safe space to support ourselves to find the seeds we wish to plant and to nurture these seeds to fruition. Enabling us to live our potential embodied in our joy, sharing the gifts we have brought to the Earth. This group will challenge you to grow in a safe and gentle way. If you are looking for change in yourself and your life, here is a place to plant your seeds and watch them germinate. We will create community; deepen to our inner wisdom and Spirit Guidance. We will use sharing, ritual, ceremony, astrology and journeying, inside and in nature (weather permitting) to do this. You will be guided through rights of passage into Womanhood to enable you to walk tall and strong as a woman with balanced female and male energy. The last groups have been a rich moving experience, which brought depth and en-lightenment to all. I have been guided to do this work with women for many years. We serve ourselves, each other and the collective. I have over 18 years experience in these ways, having worked with many Native American teachers, and taken part in and held many ceremonies. This is also a part of my past lives and I am a full blood Celt in this life.

O mitakyasin (Lakota blessing)


When we come into harmony with the Universe, Earth, Eliments and other available forces, your healing session is assisted. Your intention and permission is needed. By incorporating these energies into you healing, we are giving permission to step into healing which is greater then the individual.

THE NEXT ON-GOING WILL BE 2024, by invitation to those who have completed a Shamanic Women's Day

THE NEXT INNER CIRCLE ON-GOING WILL BE BY INVITATION, invitations to those who have completed at least one On-Going.


We will enjoy the art of speaking from the heart in circle, as we richly weave together a safe space for our journey. You will experience some traditions of the Native American's and Celts. We will spend time using oracles, there will be a journey to meet your Power Animal/Guide, with time sitting within the Medicine Wheel. This is an exquisite time to be Woman. This day is a complete experience and is a prerequisite for the on-going group 

SHAMANIC WOMEN’S MOON LODGE The Moon Lodges are circles available to those Women who have journeyed through the On-going Women's Group. We meet from shared experience, holding a deep circle for profound transformation. Weaving together ritual and ceremony for self and service. We meet 4 times each year.

SPIRAL STAR DANCE is a Shamanic Dance/Movement evening, one Friday a month. You are welcome to join us. See


I was a little bit hesitant booking onto a zoom moon lodge, I felt that the work or connection wouldn't be as deep. How wrong I was. I had deep experiences and beautiful connection with the women. It is different, however I felt that I easily settled into the rhythm of the day. I've booked onto the next one :)

If I'm honest I was one of the skeptical ones who couldn't imagine zoom moon lodges as effective as face to face. However I'm always willing to have my assumptions challenged and have found the connection with the group of wonderful women is just as meaningful, supportive, inspiring and powerful as meeting to face to face. Thanks Elaine and my amazing circle of sisters. I'm so glad to still have the opportunity to connect During these interesting and challenging times. 

Thanks for the Zoom Lodge Elaine, it was great to reconnect with everyone. I loved knowing where everyone was sitting so I could imagine them in our circle in your room.
I learned that pre-lodge I need to have a screen-free day to rest my eyes, and I appreciated your suggestion to close my eyes during the day. Such bliss to be on the inside with everyone. Kellie

Thank you for welcoming me back so warmly after 13 years and for a truly wonderful day. Avril

The spell of moon lodge has been profound this time. To look into my sisters' eyes via Zoom was powerful. To connect from our bedrooms and living rooms and personal spaces to the collective and connected circle with you at the helm in your familiar room was an experience of great meaning. I am so glad my 'not good enough' vibes did not lead to my resisting and turning away. We may not have physically been alongside each other but the feeling of being part of a strong and nurturing circle of women was, and is profound. In my waking and sleeping moments since there have been the familiar ripples and inspirational 'pings'. Susan


Elaine crafts these shamanic women circles which such love, care, wit and wisdom. She creates a beautiful space where each woman feels held, can speak from their hearts and can truly commune with spirit. As one of the younger women of these circles I can say that I have found each journey to be a rite of passage taking me nearer to being the woman I want to be. I now feel I have wise elders to guide me, I now feel I have roots. I know that there is a space available to me where I can feel celebrated and where I can heal myself on a profound level. It is difficult to recommend a greater gift that you could give yourself than this journey.
Carolyn O’Hanlon, Chorlton

I feel that this has been a most valuable period in my growth. I don’t think I have voluntarily placed myself in such a place of fear before. At times I wondered what I had let myself in for! This was always followed by a feeling of gratitude that I had allowed myself this experience though. It has changed my perspective of fear. I now see it as an opportunity for growth rather than something to avoid (although that’s not to say it is an easy process). The group was a great source of support and allowed me to be “me”. I feel privileged to be part of such a powerful circle.

Thank you for your patience and courage at holding this space for me and fellow women on this journey. I have only just begun to realise the vastness of the journey and how with your guidance, I might follow an 'easier' path from now on. Your wisdom and knowledge of the ceremonies and the 'right' direction to move the group in is so intuitive and gentle – and yet bring about such change and challenge. I have journeyed beyond anything I could have imagined and for that I am eternally grateful.
Jayne Walker

Having Space and time with other Women in circle is a gift that I wanted to give myself and the personal growth for me during the time, I felt, was accelerated through the process and also through the presence and support of the group of women.

Truly an amazing & exciting journey, I’ve worked face to face with some of the great & the good, such as; Anthony Robbins & his team in (UK,states & Fiji), Richard Bandler & Paul Mckenna. Been on Buddhist retreats, worked via DVD, CD, books with the likes of Caroline Myss, Louise Hay & Deepak Chopra etc, & have been doing shamanic work for over a decade ….I have loved all, but nothing moved my mind, body & spirit more towards the happiness I want as much as this experience. Elaine is such a great facilitator of spirit. I giggle with joy every time I think how clever I have been to have Elaine in my life to do this work..

Wow.. my biggest learning.. I don’t have to learn by pain, a rite of passage can be without strife. Suffering is necessary to evolve, is a myth. I do not have to be the 'wounded healer'! I like it!

'Elaine held the group with an open heart, open mind, intuition and knowledgeable approach. She created a safe and creative space for sharing, storytelling, laughter and crying. The women’s group was a life changing journey. It was a right of passage from which I have emerged with a greater sense of my strength, power and intuition. I would recommend any woman at any stage of her life to give this as a gift to herself'.

'Working Shamanically gave me the chance to access my spiritual self, from a place of safety. I have felt challenged and comforted by the work, it is a unique journey, which has helped me find a new career path and some wonderful new friends'.